Zheming Pu

Incoming Master Student @ University of California, San Diego
Previous Computer Science Student @ UC Davis
Full Stack / Mobile App Developer


University of California San Diego
Master of Science in Computer Science

Anticipated to Start Sept. 2023
San Diego, CA

University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Aug. 2019 - Jun. 2023
Davis, CA


Tutor for UCDavis CS Tutoring Club
University of California, Davis

Sept. 2022 -- Dec. 2022
Davis, CA

  • Facilitated weekly tutoring sessions for Python and C projects, assisting students with coding/debugging assignments
  • Conducted interactive review session for course materials to guide and prepare students for exams and homework
  • Demonstrated adaptability to solve problems to help students and communicate complex programming concepts clearly

Teaching Assistant in Android Programming
University of California, Davis

Sept. 2021 -- Jun. 2022
Davis, CA

  • Prepared instruction material for 40 students by co-designing project assignments related to Kotlin, Flutter, Firebase, Room Database, RESTful API and Jetpack Navigation
  • Held office hours for 3 hours per week to assist students with project assignments and answer their questions
  • Maintained excellent communication with students and instructors, resulting in high ratings from students


Pixel Exploration | React, MongoDB, Node.js, Express

Aug 2023 -- Present

  • Created an Web App using JavaScript to allow login and photo upload for communication in photography between users
  • Utilized React functional components to deliver modern user interface and charming content to users
  • Deployed MongoDB as the app's NoSQL database to achieve high performance dealing with big data
  • Implemented Express framework and Node.js to achieve a back-end API to fetch and store data with the MongoDB database

Chat App | Swift, Firebase

May. 2023 -- Aug. 2023

  • Developed an iOS mobile chat app using Swift, following MVC design pattern for seamless communication between users
  • Utilized Firebase Authentication to automate user authentication and Firebase Cloud Firestore as the apps real-time database
  • Implemented UITableView to display chat messages for a smooth user interface and experience
  • Leveraged CocoaPods as a dependency manager to streamline and manage packages

Common Lisp Evaluator | Go

Oct. 2022 -- Nov. 2022

  • Built a Common Lisp evaluator in Go that evaluate preprocessed and tokenized instructions using a parser and evaluator
  • Developed a parser leveraging the LL(1) parsing algorithm to parse tokenized instructions and generate an abstract syntax tree in the form of S-Expressions, thus rule out invalid inputs and ensure the instruction is grammatically correct
  • Evaluated the S-Expression with an evaluator via a recursive process to output 100% correct response to user's Common Lisp instruction

TCP Reliable and Congestion Controlled Data Transfer | Python, Socket Programming

Sept. 2022 -- Dec. 2022

  • Developed a client-server architecture for reliable data transfer using Python and Socket Programming
  • Created a three-way handshake mechanism and implemented a full TCP header for packets, accurately simulating a TCP connection
  • Leveraged TCP Tahoe and TCP Reno algorithms to achieve congestion-controlled connections, improving bandwidth utilization
  • Utilized both a welcoming socket and connection socket, enabling the server to serve multiple clients simultaneously

Housing App | Kotlin, Firebase, Retrofit, Glide

Jan. 2021 -- Mar. 2021

  • Created an Android mobile app written in Kotlin that revolutionize the housing rental market by allowing users to post and explore latest rental opportunities
  • Designed a modern and responsive interface using Jetpack Navigation for seamless navigation between screens
  • Implemented Firebase authentication to automate security via authenticate with Google to access features
  • Utilized Retrofit to handle server responses and requests, enabling efficient data retrieval and uploading
  • Incorporated the Glide library to optimize the image display process ensuring fast and visually appealing property previews

Technical Skills


C, Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Kotlin, Swift, Dart, SQL


Firebase Authentication, Flutter, CocoaPods, Retrofit, Glide, React, Node.js, Express


Git, VSCode, Android Studio, Xcode, PyCharm, Room Database, MongoDB, Firebase Cloud Firestore, REST API, pdb